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Seat Belt Extender

What Is Seat Belt Extender?

A seat belt extender is composed of the two parts of a seatbelt namely the metal tongue and receptacle. The concept of seat belt extenders is a pretty simple one. There is usually no installation required because seatbelt extenders literally just click themselves into your seat belt buckle. Extenders are used by plus size men and women, pregnant women, etc., because normal seatbelts may not have the extra length required.

There are different types of seatbelt extenders available and are classified by purpose or design. We have airplane seat belt extenders, car seat belt extenders and child car seat extenders. Either of these options can be rigid seat belt extenders, adjustable ones or regular ones.

They all have different styles as well. Style refers to the construction of the extender for example, is yours made of regular safety belt material or is it rigid and stands upright when buckled in? Picking an extender style is a critical part of ensuring that your seatbelt is the best choice for your needs.
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Types of extenders:

Regular Extenders
Regular Extenders
A regular extender is what most people envision when they think about seat belt extenders. It is pretty easy to use it, you just need to buckle it in and voila!
Adjustable Extenders
Adjustable Extenders
Adjustable extenders are made of the same material that is used to make regular extenders and the seatbelts in your car. The only difference is that you can adjust it up to 26 inches. Sometimes drivers like to wear bulky clothing or have fluctuations in size and/or weight.
Rigid Extenders
Rigid Extenders
This one is made of strong cable or steel that allows it to stand upright when it is buckled in. There are various rigid extenders available at different sizes. The 11 inch one has a slight bend so as to allow for flexibility and accommodating. The smallest one is about 5 inches.

Our Seat Belt Extender apply for all kinds of car seat belts. If you have special demands, please send inquiry now or download catalogue for more details.

Seat Belt Extender

Available Products From Far Europe

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    • Adjustable Car Seat Belt Extender

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    • Adjustable Seat Belt Extender

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    • Adjustable Seatbelt Extender

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    • Adjustable Seat Belt Extender

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    • Rigid Seatbelt Extender

      Item No:FEA035 View Detail
    • Rigid Seat Belt Extender

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    • Steel Cable Seat Belt Extender

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    • Steel Cable Seatbelt Extender

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    • Airplane Seat Belt Extender

      Item No:FEA040 View Detail
    • Airplane Seat Belt Extender

      Item No:FEA040A View Detail

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