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Wheelchair Safety Belt Dynamic Test

Far Europe’s seat belt has obtained good results in multiple dynamic tests. It shows the design, manufacture and final inspection of our products can be effectively controlled.

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  • Lap Seat Belt

    Lap Seat Belt is one of our main products, and has passed ECE R16 certificate and CCC certificate. It is very popular in off road vehicles, coaches, tractor seat, forklift seat and passenger aircraft seat. We have several types of lap seat belt below.

    • Static 2-point Lap Seat Belt
    • ALR 2-point Lap Seat Belt
    • NLR 2-point Lap Seat Belt
    • ELR 2-point Lap Seat Belt
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  • ELR Seat Belt

    ELR Seat Belt means emergency locking retractor seat belt. Freedom of movement by the wearer, automatically adjust the strap to the wearer, multiple sensitivity, prevent injuries from a sudden collision. ELR Seat Belt is our main series, we provide our ELR Seat Belt to many car manufacturers in China, such as FAW, Sino Truck, Foton, Dongfeng etc. We also export our ELR seat belt to European countries, or seat belt manufacturers all over the world.

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  • Seat Belt Extender

    Seat belt extender is designed perfectly for big people, pregnant women, fire fighters and service men with bulky equipment belts, those with limited mobility and range of motion. There is no installation required, this Extender clicks right into your existing belt and buckle, and you can easily move it between cars.

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  • Static 3-Point Seat

    Static 3-point seat belt is the second series of our seat belt. As ELR 3-point seat belt is more popular, more and more customers change static 3-point seat belt with ELR 3-point seat belt. But a few customers still need this kind of belt and we still provide them with the best quality and considerable service.

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  • Racing Seat Belt

    Racing seat belt is used to fasten the racing driver to the seat chair. It can prevent the racing driver from being hurt when an accident happens. It has fast-unlock device which can unlock the several belts immediately at the same time to help the racing driver to escape from the racing bicycle.

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    1. Lap Seat Belt

    2. ELR Seat Belt

    3. Seat Belt Extender

    4. Static 3-Point Seat

    5. Racing Seat Belt

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